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Bee Removal in Myrtle Beach & Surrounding Areas

hornet and wasp removal myrtle beachhornet nest myrtle beachThe term "hornet" is often used to refer to many wasps that build large papery nests. The most notable paper wasp is the baldfaced hornet, and several species of yellowjackets, which are really wasps.

Baldfaced hornets may be best described as large, black and white, heavy-bodied wasps about ¾" long. They typically build exposed, mottled grey nests in trees or shrubs. Occasionally, the wasps will build nests under roof overhangs, in attics, crawlspaces and wall voids, or under decks or porches. The nests are constructed of a paper-like martial formed from chewed wood. The nests are often described as "football shaped", but they may actually be bigger than a basketball in diameter.

yellow jacket waspYellowjackets are house fly-sized wasps with distinct yellow and black markings and a few hairs. They construct a similar type of paper nest, but it is usually tan in color and much smaller compared to the hornet nest. It’s also usually found in an underground cavity. Common locations for nests are in lawns, particularly in sandy exposed areas, as well as at the base of trees or shrubs. Occasionally, yellowjackets will nest in attics or walls voids of houses or storage buildings.

Yellowjackets, in particular, may be pests around picnics, trash cans, and humming bird feeders. The only way to control this situation is to locate and destroy the nest. As an alternative, keep all outdoor food and drinks covered, except while actually eating. Trash cans should be kept covered.

In spite of their reputations, hornets and yellowjackets are actually beneficial because they prey on many insects that we consider to be pests. They also serve as food for other bears, skunks, birds, and other insects.